Terms of Services

These terms and rules of operation govern the use of the www.barkingwell.com website (hereby the Website) and the services provided through said website by the private company Barkingwell Media S.A., under the trade name “Barkingwell Media” (hereby the Company / we / us), seated in Building 6, Rest Area 1 (Mesogeia), 40,2 Km Attiki Odos, 19002 | Paiania.

We kindly request that you read these terms and conditions, as they stipulate your rights and obligations. The website is available to you for personal use on the basis of these terms and rules of operation.


Every time you use and navigate the Website it is assumed that you have been informed on and understood its terms of operation and, consequently, that you fully and unreservedly accept the terms and conditions presented herein and are unconditionally bound by them. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use the Website.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or update the terms of use from time to time. You will be informed of any such changes, additions, or deletions via the e-mail address you provided when you registered (if you have done so), or once they have been posted on the Website, or by any other means available.

Any changes shall be put into effect immediately after they have been posted on the Website, without prior warning. If you do not wish to accept the new terms and rules, you will have to stop using the Website. If you continue using the Website after the date on which the changes have been put into effect, your continued use affirms your consent to be bound by the new terms and rules of operation.


It is prohibited to use the Website for any purpose to deceive, profit, or hinder the provision of services by our Company.

You cannot assign, cede, or generally transfer any of your rights resulting from these terms and rules of operation.

If one of the stipulations of these terms and rules of operation is determined to be unfounded or void by any competent court, then said unfounded/void stipulation shall not affect the validity of the rest of the terms and rules, which shall remain in full effect.

Our Company is not responsible for any violation of these terms and conditions which has resulted from conditions beyond its control.

The Company not exercising any of the rights stipulated by these terms and conditions does not imply that it has waived its rights to exercise them in the future or that the terms and rules do not apply.

It is prohibited to use, exploit, publish, republish, reproduce, mechanically or otherwise copy, or process the contents of the Website and its services without the Company’s prior written authorization. Exceptionally, printing Website contents is permitted, provided that they are not in any way altered or modified, in full or in part, and that they are intended exclusively for personal use by the Website user/visitor.

Processing of any form of the contents of the Website is strictly prohibited, particularly decompilation of the software included or any type of processing of its source code. The Company is the sole owner of the visualization and design of each of the Website pages/sub-pages. In any case, the full content and services of the Website are provided to the users exclusively for their own personal use. Unless explicitly stipulated otherwise, the Company owns the marks, logos, and other distinctive features, while the Company’s software and trademark(s) have been created by and are owned by the Company.

In case the Website users/visitors have access to streaming media services, storing the stream by any technical means in any form of local media, in full or in part, either in the same or in a different type of audio/image file (e.g. wav, wma, mp3, mpeg, etc.), currently in existence or invented in the future, is strictly prohibited. Snipping and downloading any pictures, logos, text, animations, GIFs, sounds, or static or moving images from the Website to local media (mechanical or electronic) is also prohibited, unless explicitly permitted and to the degree it is explicitly permitted for each specific webpage.

It should be clarified that the Website is entertainment-oriented, therefore its users should not base their behavior on information contained therein, and that the Company bears no responsibility for any information contained in the Website that is proven to be inaccurate. Particularly, the Company bears no responsibility for any direct and/or consequential damage suffered by the users/visitors of the Website. The Company bears no responsibility for the content, products, or services provided by third party websites to which the Website may link from time to time, nor does it guarantee the proper execution of the provision of services and/or product sales, the accuracy of any information, the quality of any services and/or products provided, and/or generally the lawful, moral, or in good faith behavior of any third parties to which the Website may link from time to time.


The Website protects the personal nature of your data and cannot transfer it to any third party (natural or legal person) for any reason, except when required by law and to the competent authorities alone.

The Website keeps a record personal data submitted by the user/visitor exclusively for communication purposes.

Users/Visitors can contact the competent department of our Company by phone or at [email protected] in order to confirm the existence of their personal file, make corrections or changes to it, or delete it.

The Website, particularly the Marketing department, may process part of or all the data you have submitted for statistical or financial purposes, and/or to improve its services/information it provides.


In order to create and account on the Website and to subscribe to the Website mailing lists and newsletters, the following information is required: full name – e-mail address. In order to create and account on the Website, you have to create a password, to which the Company will have access for technical reasons. The Website may keep a record of the recipients’ e-mail addresses in order to be able to further message them for informational or financial purposes, unless the recipient explicitly declares they do not wish to receive such communications. This data is never shared with any third party. The users-recipients of the Newsletters may unsubscribe and/or be erased from the record of e-mail addresses as long as they notify us by sending a relevant e-mail.

Our Company may delete any account and/or erase a Newsletter recipient at its discretion and without justification.


Users/Visitors interested in being advertised on the Website will have to contact our Company at [email protected] in order to receive the relevant information. The data required for such purposes include: Full name/Company name – Address/Headquarters – Telephone number – E-mail address – Name of the person in charge – City – Country. It should be clarified that the Website is not responsible for the personal data protection policy adopted by those advertised in it in their exchanges with the users of their services.


The Website may use cookies in order to identify the users/visitors of certain of its services and pages (including, but not limited to, its newsletters).

Cookies are small text files saved on each user’s/visitor’s hard drive, and they do not gain knowledge of any document or file on their computer. They are used to facilitate users’/visitors’ access to certain Website services, for statistical purposes, to determine the areas where the Website services are useful or popular, or for marketing purposes.

The Website users/visitors can thus configure their server so that they are notified that cookies are used for specific services provided by the Website and given the choice to not allow the use of cookies in any case. In case a user/visitor of specific Website services and pages does not wish for cookies to be used to identify them, it is likely that they be unable to further access said services/pages.


The Website includes links to other websites, which are not controlled by it but by third parties (natural or legal persons). Our Company bears no responsibility for the Personal Data Protection Terms adopted by third parties, as well as for the contents and/or appropriateness and/or quality of the services/products provided by these websites.


The IP address through which a computer has access to the internet and, consequently, to the Website is utilized exclusively to collect data for statistical purposes.