Infotainment show / Open TV

A house with a lot of madness invites you to join in from Monday to Friday at 14:00 on OPEN TV! Katerina Zarifi, known for her distinctive sense of humor, guarantees the most amusing afternoons. What unfolds within this household? Who are its occupants? Katerina lives with her grandmother, Noula (aka Lola, or Antonis Papailias). Inside their house there is a television that never turns off and they constantly comment on what they see. Katerina also hosts her own podcast, featuring conversations with friends and acquaintances.

Dimitris Alexandrou, the local plumber, frequently comes and goes, playfully becoming entangled in Katerina's affectionate snares. Katerina meets a new friend in the neighborhood, Anna Zirdeli, an aspiring influencer who becomes her confidante.