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There are destinations that many have dreamed of but few have dared to explore. Mr. Travel, a title Nikos Koklonis has rightfully won, managed to fit every corner of the earth in a show that, for four consecutive years, has made a difference and made viewers feel like they were traveling alongside. Dreamy destinations, adventures, countries with a thousand facets unknown to the Greek audience, fascinating regions around the world that are hard to reach, “Celebrity Travel” went there, with Nikos Koklonis guiding us to the unknown every time, sharing interesting experiences with the viewers since 2017 through colors, scents, landscapes, cultures, and sights that you will not discover in books and tourist guides. At his side, celebrity guests, glamorous personalities who discover the hidden secrets of each country, each city, each corner of the world alongside him and who test their limits by facing various challenges; they discover aspects of themselves of which they weren’t ever aware and share pieces of their lives. Mr. Travel’s every journey is an unforgettable experience, every travel an encounter with each place’s history, and all this is the secret to the success of “Celebrity Travel”.